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The Nightly Nuge is your chance to get Ted Nugent’s take on the news of our world every night in a concise, fiery fashion that totally Ted. Each Nugecast highlights a hot topic in the news from Ted’s point of view. He’ll rip the fiction from the facts that the mainstream media wants to hide from you and enlighten you with truth, logic and common sense as only he can. The Nightly Nuge is the REAL news behind the fake news, designed for the busy lives of hard working Americans like you. The Nightly Nuge is Ted Nugent as you’ve never seen him before. Every night Ted and his co-host, Keith Mark, discuss and debunk the mainstream media’s version of an important story by using truth, logic and common sense. These concise, fast paced Nugecasts might leave you laughing or crying, but always learning and inspired to be the best that you can be. The Nightly Nuge is a concise, fast paced look at a news story of the day presented by Ted Nugent as only he can. Each weeknight, a fresh new Nugecast explores the truth, logic and common sense behind a news story that Ted rips from the headlines and dissects. The Nightly Nuge is your source for Ted Nugent’s presentation of commentary, facts, and his take on a wide range of topics in the news. Each nightly Nugecast is a concise and fiery perspective on events and happenings that impact you, your family, and your lifestyle.

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Friday Oct 20, 2023

Uncle Ted explains that his wife, Shemane, was a big fan of the late Suzanne Somers who led a very healthy and active lifestyle until her recent passing. Shemane also has a book out, “Killer House”, which puts a spotlight on many of the unhealthy things in our grocery stores and our homes.
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E239 - Free For All Friday Features Ted Talking About The Late Suzanne Somers - 231020

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

Ted Nugent points his Truth, Logic and Commonsense Spotlight on the ridiculous new laws in London that could see people getting jail time for mis-gendering someone. At the same time, crowds have taken to the streets there chanting “Death To Israel” and “Death To America” with no consequences.
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E238 - Did You Know In London,  You Could Go To Jail For Mis-Gendering Someone? - 231019

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Uncle Ted brings his special powers of positive energy to a busy “Hump Day” Wednesday. He also celebrates the hunters of Louisiana who turned out to vote in big numbers in this past Saturday’s election. 
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E237 - Ted Nugent Celebrates Hump Day By Celebrating The Good In The World - 231018

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Ted Nugent reminds us all that there are good Palestinians as there are good people of every race, color and creed. He also points out the wave of protests in the streets and on the campuses aren’t supporting those good people. Whatever their intent, they end up creating support for Hamas and other terrorists organizations and oppression of Jews.
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E236 - Ted Nugent Discusses The Wave Of Protests In The Streets Supporting Hamas - 231017

Monday Oct 16, 2023

This edition features Ted Nugent’s reaction to breaking news as a federal judge, appointed by Obama, has issued a gag order on President Trump. This is an unprecedented restriction of free speech on a presidential candidate and Uncle Ted has advice for all of us on how to respond.
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E235 - Ted Nugent Reacts To Obama Appointed Judge Issuing A Gag Order On Donald Trump - 231016

Saturday Oct 14, 2023

On this Weekend Edition, Ted Nugent laments the death of two campers in Banff, Canada who were killed by bear recently despite emptying an entire can of bear spray in their defense. Ted knows from experience that entering bear country without a firearm for protection is insane. He also knows that bears now roam urban part of Florida virtually unchecked. Proper management through hunting will put the bears back in the asset column!
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E234 - Ted Nugent Explains Why Grizzly Bears Need To Be Hunted - 231014

Friday Oct 13, 2023

It really is a special, Friday the 13th  Free For All and Ted Nugent discusses the healing nature of great music and gives a salute to the fantastic line up of act at the recent “Power Trip” concert. He also shares whether he has any superstitions prior to hunting or performing or anytime. 
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E233 - Free For All Friday Features Ted Talking About The “Power Trip” Concert Last Weekend - 231013

Thursday Oct 12, 2023

Ted Nugent drills down on the road that has led America to the place where over 30 student groups at Harvard signed off on a letter of support for the evil doers of Hamas that massacred hundreds of innocent civilians in Israel. If you weren’t worried about our education system before, you should be now!
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E232 - Why Are So Many College Students Condoning The Hamas Attacks On Israel? - 231012

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

Uncle Ted has been talking about the need for border security as long as Biden has been in office. Tonight, he explains why those open borders create the opportunity for Hamas and other terror groups to invade our country now and wreak havoc later. 
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E231 - Ted Nugent Explains Why The Massacre In Israel Heightens Our Border Security Needs - 231011

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Ted Nugent continues to examine the horrendous attack on innocent Israeli citizens. Tonight, he reviews footage of West Bank residents chanting while holding up what appears to be US military weapons. Tune in as Uncle Ted connects the dots on what has happened.
The Nightly Nuge featuring Ted Nugent S02-E230 - Footage From Gaza Seems To Show Terrorists With A Range Of US Military Weapons  - 231010


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